The Wild Robot Book Study

This is a complete book study for The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. This book is a perfect read-aloud for all ages. The book study plans are perfect for ages 7-12. The Wild Robot is about a robot named Roz who was shipwrecked on an island. Through the help of the animals, she learns how to survive in the wild.

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This unit study is designed to have all reading completed in 4 weeks. However, with the addition of the final writing project, it may take 5 weeks to complete the full study.

Inside this book study you will find:

  • A weekly reading schedule
  • Daily reading comprehension tasks
  • Weekly discussion questions
  • Rabbit trail exploration ideas
  • Weekly writing activities
  • Character analysis
  • Comprehensive final writing project

Rabbit Trail Explorations:

  • Animal Adaptations
  • Gardening
  • How Animals Survive in Winter
  • Artificial Intelligence

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