Emotional Intelligence Curriculum for Ages 4-8


This is a 36-week curriculum that can easily fit into any learning routine as the lessons only take 10-30 minutes. Perfect for homeschoolers and traditional school children. Scroll down to learn more.


Each week you will begin by reading about an emotion. Then you’ll learn a coping strategy for when your child has big emotions. These coping strategies are mostly breathing exercises, but are highly effective at redirecting thoughts and feelings. These strategies will be placed on a ring that your child can carry with them for whenever big feelings emerge. You’ll end each week with a positive affirmation that helps build a growth mindset and connects them with the Earth.

The goal of this curriculum is to teach your child how to use mindfulness to change their thoughts. It helps your child understand that we are in charge of our emotions and thoughts and that we have the power to shift our thoughts and emotions whenever we want to get back to our peaceful spot. Your child will learn that it’s okay to feel negative emotions for just a little while, but it’s important to always come back to our peaceful spot.

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