Christmas School


Press pause on the traditional curriculum for our secular Christmas curriculum for homeschoolers. This curriculum is designed for elementary-age children.

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This 12-day unit study is focused on learning about secular Christmas traditions.

  • Day 1: The History of Santa Claus
  • Day 2: The History of Christmas Cards
  • Day 3: Gingerbread Men
  • Day 4: The Nutcracker
  • Day 5: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Day 6: The Polar Express
  • Day 7: The History of the Christmas Tree
  • Day 8: Santa’s Reindeer
  • Day 9: Christmas Cookies
  • Day 10: The 12 Days of Christmas
  • Day 11: How to Catch an Elf
  • Day 12: Christmas Escape Room

Our young adventurers, Jaxon & Harleigh, are along for the ride. You’ll start each main topic with a letter from our adventurers. These letters give your child a challenge and something to pay attention to while doing the activities. The adventurers also tell simple stories that help your child make connections to their real-life making learning meaningful. Jaxon & Harleigh also model good questioning and curiosity. The goal is to ignite that curiosity in your child. You’ll soon notice your child asking questions and sharing their curiosities in the same way as the adventurers.

Each lesson starts with a read-aloud or a video from YouTube. This is where the topic is introduced and learned.

Then we follow the learning part of the lesson with an experienced-based, hands-on activity. This part of the lesson helps the child make connections, develop a deeper understanding, and put the new knowledge into action.

The last part of the lesson is the extension activities. These are usually extra YouTube videos, strewing ideas, or extra experienced-based activities. All the extension activities are optional. They are a great way to continue learning if your child showed an interest in the daily lesson.

Strewing activities are independent activities. I like to follow unit study lessons with free choice. During this time, I will set out strewing activities, other resources, or apps for the child to explore on their own time.

Videos can be used during a learning lunch or as a transition to the next activity. Movies can be used for a family movie night or on a rainy day.

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